Memphis-born Maurice White founded and led Earth Wind & Fire to 17 Grammy nominations, and on to become one of the world’s best-selling bands of all time.

Inducted into multiple hall of fames, White named the band after three of the four foundational elements associated with his astrologic sign: Earth, Wind (Air) and Fire.

We believe trust is a foundational element in a relationship. Trust means you view someone as reliable. You have confidence in them.

At Radian Partners, our clients trust us with the intimate details of their finances and their lives. We take that seriously. We are relationship-based, independent financial advisors. Meaning we put our clients first in those relationships. That’s a promise you can trust.


The Rolling Stones’ “Hot Lips” logo has become a famous symbol of the band’s raucous, rebellious, rock-n-roll attitude and Mick Jagger’s big mouth.

This powerful icon has been an enduring global brand for over 50 years, representing the band’s demeanor and defiant independence, and leaping far beyond the album cover. Radian Partners was founded on that same attitude. An attitude that says to clients, you really can get what you want. While many in our industry pay lip service to independence, they put their loyalty to their firms ahead of their duty to their clients. At Radian Partners, we serve as true and trusted fiduciaries. We put our clients first. Period.


The work’s depiction of the psychology of Jesus and these facing angels served as the impactful image for the rule-breaking, 1970s rock opera “Jesus Christ Superstar.”

This biblical drama is loosely based on the Gospel’s account of “The Passion of the Christ” – a powerful, musical account of Jesus’s last week on earth.

At Radian Partners, we feel passionate about serving our advisors and their clients – providing both a wider array of options without undue influence.

We strongly oppose the institutional abuse of clients by huge firms. As independent advisors, we’re disrupting the monopolistic stranglehold Wall Street firms have on the delivery of financial solutions.

We allow passionate advisors to treat their clients like rockstars!


The Flying Tigers were a group of heroic World War II pilots that painted shark’s

teeth on the nose of their planes and even blasted music to intimidate their enemies. They successfully transitioned this spirit to civilian service and commissioned this image for corporate route maps.

They were formed by Claire Lee Chennault, whose leadership was characterized by an attitude of “fierce pursuit”. It’s that fierce and focused leadership that inspired this artwork.

At Radian, we believe in having a global vision – a pilot’s thirty-thousand-foot view. This allows you to view the entire arena you are competing in, while staying focused on the targeted direction you want to pursue. Having a strong vision allows you to clearly see the present and the future, so you can make smart decisions for your clients. It also demands strong leadership to execute that vision so that it becomes a lucrative financial reality.


In the ancient world, people often sought wisdom from insightful counsels who were inspired by the gods to offer powerful predictions about the future.

This artwork, created for Jefferson Airplane’s Grace Slick, Paul Kantner, and David Freiberg evokes that oracle-like imagery of a cosmic connection for knowing what lay ahead. In the modern world, we know that wisdom is hard-earned through education and experience. At Radian, our seasoned team has access to some of the best financial services and solutions, with

subject matter experts on hand and on staff. The wisdom of our approach has been featured in local and national media, validated by high client retention and affirmed by our long standing relationships with colleges and universities serving as subject matter expert instructors.


Iron Butterfly, best known for its 17-plus minute mega-hit “In-A-Gadda-Da-Vida”, laid the sound foundation for the development of Hard Rock and Heavy Metal music.

It not only produced the longest single ever played on Top 40 Radio, but one of the world’s top-selling albums. Here, the butterfly takes on an almost translucent quality.

At Radian, we believe being able to see through the hype is paramount. We think and act differently than many in our industry. Our view is that clients do not mind paying reasonable fees if they understand in advance what they are paying for. What they do object to are hidden and unwarranted fees, unexpected charges, shell games and illusions.

At Radian, we provide unbiased guidance and real transparency.


This Alice Cooper smash hit album topped the charts in 1973, selling more than a million copies and marking the height of its commercial success.

Subsequently, he enjoyed a vibrant solo career and became an actor, golf celebrity, restauranteur and popular host of the syndicated radio show “Nights with Alice Cooper.”

At Radian Partners, we help build meaningful legacies for our clients and our advisors.

Few people will leave a billion dollars behind. But by living a life of significance, they can make those who follow feel like billionaires. We support independent advisors as they build their own businesses and provide resources, relationships, technology and tools to help clients forge lasting legacies.


Legendary music producer Bob Ezrin, Canadian by birth and Nashvillian by choice, has guided numerous, famous musicians to great success for over four decades.

Ezrin has worked with an extraordinary range of artists – like Alice Cooper, Dr. John, Kiss, Pink Floyd, Phish, Nine Inch Nails, Kristin Chenoweth, Julian Lennon and Taylor Swift.

At Radian Partners, we want our clients to sit back, relax, take a puff from that cigar and enjoy the confidence that comes with being guided by the best. Our advisors are experts – they hold advanced degrees, industry certifications, and top credentials. They know how to help clients move from where they are, to where they want to be – successful.


By the early 1970s, legendary music producer Quincy Jones had enjoyed tremendous success. But he knew moving beyond that would require a new level of independence.

His new-found independence from the record business allowed him to produce Lester Wilson’s “$600 and a Mule”, which told the history of black people in American music, song, and dance.

At Radian, independence is key.

For advisors, that means we offer access to some of the world’s finest resources and relationships to help you serve your clients. We don’t constrain you by imposing sales quotas or pushing proprietary products.

For clients, that means you receive unbiased guidance and solutions from trusted vendors who compete on price for your business. Real independence is a winning strategy at Radian.


This is the original artwork concept for Captain Beyond – the reformation of Iron Butterfly that included artists from Deep Purple, Johnny Winter, and Rick Derringer.

IIt was unique among hard rock albums, containing a wide range of influences, including Latin and jazz. This innovative album cover was ultimately printed in a lenticular, 3-D version.

At Radian Partners, our open architecture gives us the ability to see beyond the limitations imposed on most financial advisors. We’re able to see options and solutions for our clients others can’t see. It’s a hallmark of how we operate.

It allows our talented advisors to bring together different solutions in unique and robust ways. This freedom to select lets our advisors and clients perceive their futures as powerful, profitable and meaningful.


“Welcome To My Nightmare” was Alice Cooper’s eighth studio album and his first as a solo artist. Like Alice, its uniqueness has stood the test of time.

In retrospect, some critics characterize it as his greatest solo work. In concert, more songs are played from this album than any other. A sequel came out in 2011.

Welcome to my nightmare – that’s a sentiment too often shared by clients as they begin a comprehensive financial planning process. At many firms, process means processing the client. At Radian, it marks the beginning of a journey. One that is ongoing. One that requires regular monitoring, measuring, adapting, adjusting and changing over time. One meant to ensure that real life does not become a nightmare.

It’s your money, and it should work for you!

But it doesn’t have to be traditional investments for it to build your portfolio. We help you follow your passions, so you aren’t putting things on hold.