It’s more
than numbers

What we do

At Radian Partners, all our Advisors are fiduciaries…period. We are a client-focused financial services firm founded in 2003. There are no standard definitions for what financial services are, and it can be confusing. So, let’s cut out the noise. We believe there are a plethora of opportunities in the financial sector for Advisors and their clients to find the right solution. Therefore, we practice in the five main fields of expertise comprising financial services.

Our Advisors

Larry J. Tolbert

Investment Advisor Representative

J. Patrick McDowell

Investment Advisor Representative

Jonathan P.

Investment Advisor Representative

W. Hugh Black

Branch Manager,
Financial Advisor


Investment Advisor

Our Staff

Laurie Edwards

Executive Asst to Larry Tolbert

Karen Williams

Special Projects

What makes us different?
Following PASSIONS!

You really can get what you want, and that’s not just lip service. We are known for helping our clients follow their passions and consider non-traditional investments as part of their portfolio. This rockstar approach started with our relationship with legendary rock n’ roll artist Ernie Cefalu and continues on to each of our clients.

It’s your money, and it should work for you!

But it doesn’t have to be traditional investments for it to build your portfolio. We help you follow your passions, so you aren’t putting things on hold.